Rainy Nights, Damp Thoughts, & more…

It’s eleven pm in the night while I sit looking out my window, out in the dark hazy night while it’s pouring with an amazing intensity rendering an authentic view.

The beauty of the night soothes my tired eyes while I watch the leaves of trees gently sway with the swift winds as though its some lady in green performing a slow dance in nature’s embrace.

I see people pass by rushing toward home with silent smiles that the rain has left on their otherwise exhausted faces. I am astonished to see a pool of umbrellas with various vibrant colours, which I’ve failed to acknowledge so far and which I can relate to the myriad human moods. I see animals in a hustle seeking shelter from the rains while some others just enjoying in the rains.

I observe the vast scape of land in front of my eyes which is nurturing little shoots from the ground and these blossoming shoots give the otherwise barren land a lush green look. The sweet-tempting smell of mud that rises from the water-soaked land fills my nostrils leaving me with a feeling to take longer breaths and satiate myself with the aroma of earth.

Just at that moment, I move a little closer to the window from where I am and feel tiny rain droplets kissing my face. The touch of these water drops on my face is so cold and tantalising that for a moment I feel I must be in heaven. I pull my hand out the window to experience this feeling closely and I’m surprised how just a stream of showers can stir so many emotions in me. And with my heart and mind still arrested in the rains outside, I get into bed ready to slowly drift into sleep.

-Asha Seth