It Is Never Enough…

While relaxing for a moment today after finishing my latest project, I found myself thinking on various ways to work on the next assignment and a strange thought crossed my mind –  “Why is it never enough?” Look at it this way, after a week of working hard and finishing my task, I should ideally be enjoying this time between projects and reports to relieve and recreate myself so as to work efficiently on whatever lies ahead. But, NO. I am already pondering over the next task. And what am I doing in the process? Am I not denying myself the peace and relaxation that I deserve? And why is that? The answer is exactly what you are thinking – It is never enough.

 So I take some time off for myself, sit back and think all that I’ve done worth doing. Little things like making a greeting card for a friend on their birthday or scoring high in exams or bringing a bicycle for my sweetheart little sister or calling someone to say that I’ve been missing them or lend hands to an old woman while getting off a flight of stairs or helping friends complete their college assignments or patting my pet dog Alfey affectionately or saying few kind words to a troubled heart to make them smile or buy a friend a present for no specific reason just to make them feel special or kissing my mum before leaving to work or organizing a surprise party on friend’s wedding anniversary or helping a colleague finish a report to avoid missing the deadline and lots many things. And I feel a tiny smile settle on my lips urging me to see how simple it is to be happy and content. And I realize exactly what is worth living – Happiness!

Then why do we make our lives so complicated that at times we find it so difficult to breathe? Have you ever wondered how every little thing you did from your heart has made you happy? Because there were no expectations or a crave to accomplish more than what you earned. Those little moments; though little, managed to brighten your day and cast happiness upon other hearts too.  So then why do we keep looking for more? Why are we not happy with what we’ve managed to do?

The answer again is It is never enough.

 We are full up-to the brim with desires and wishes. Always craving for more and more dreams to come true. Our list of priorities is never-ending and never shortens as we keep loading it up with every possible thing. We see someone wearing something that catches our attention and the very next minute we want it. There, you add one more to the list. We love someone’s wall painting and we add it to the list. A colleague we are envious about gets promoted and we wish to get promoted too just the next quarter. There, a hike in the list. So though, this is just a picture and of course, differs individual-wise with how you look at it, the point still remains the same.

We are never happy with what we have and keep wanting for more and more. My house that I stay in is not enough, I wish I had a bigger better one. The car I drive is not enough, I wish I had the new model that I saw on the TV today. I’m having tea which is not enough, I wish there was coffee. The clothes I have is not enough, I wish there were some more in my ward-robe. My current position is not enough, I wish I get this promotion. How I look now is not enough, I wish I was fairer or taller or thinner. Rains is not enough, I wish it poured more.  I’m employed is not enough, I wish I had a better paid job. I do have food to live from starving which is not enough, I wish I had a burger or a pizza. Grown-up and mature is not enough, I wish I was back in school. I wish trains and buses were not as much crowded. I wish he loved me just as I love him. I wish, I wish, I wish….

What we fail to understand is while its good to be ambitious and aspire a zestful life, we should not forget all the hard-work that we’ve ingrained to achieve what we’ve earned. We struggle all our lives to fulfill our dreams but when do we live them? While we run from one post to another ticking everything that’s on the to-be-accomplished-list, when do we wait back and cherish those accomplishments and the efforts that we’ve put in? Its absolutely humane to have a sea of desires and the need to aim and achieve more but what we fail to acknowledge is the fact that when are we going to enjoy what we have now?

Do we pray to God and thank him for having blessed us with the motivation to achieve what we desired? Do we realize that life is really short and the best way to live it is by living it? In our marathon to acquire material gains, we’re losing something precious and that is our present. Our time now, our present is all that we have. We either live it or miss it, and that is something that needs serious thought. Enjoy every moment, cherish everything you’ve struggled for, live life while you can live it.

As for our worldly desires; trust me, It is never enough!

-Asha Seth