An evening with Pratibha and the famous Batman!

Friday, the 27th of July evening transpired in a manner I hadn’t anticipated. I’ve always noticed Fridays to be so stressful and hectic. What with all the weekly reports to deliver and setting up the planner for the following week, other tasks to be accomplished etc. Therefore, I find Fridays to be always short by a few hours. How I wish Fridays were a 48 hours day!!

So, as always, there I was trying and squeezing every tinsy bit of work within my calendar for the day with the usual hustle-bustle that surrounds the day before the beloved weekends start when my colleague-turned-friend Pratibha Salian ( I’ll introduce you to her later) came up with this – “Hey, how about watching a movie today?”  Well, well! It’s a Friday, and you are in the no-work-please-mood and just then your friend suggests a movie!  Great! To start with, I got a bitter feeling thinking that she was sticking it to me given she knew I was pretty tied up with work  but my good-side took over my bad-side and I realized that she really meant it.

So, there was nothing to lose really as we were planning an evening show. Well, from there everything took off at a lightning speed. Looking for the movie, hunting for the multiplex, booking the tickets, etc. etc. And in a matter of a few minutes, there we had secured the tickets already. Have a look:

The Dark Knight Rises (U/A)
CineMAX: Versova (Regular) (SCREEN 3)
Mumbai, Mumbai: Western
Show Details
Date & Time : Fri, 27 Jul, 2012, 5:45pm
Payment Mode: Credit Card
Seat No. : CLUB-F13,F12
Confirmation No. : 1798557
TPIN/Tkt. Generation No.: WD8F77F

I must highlight something that I realized post booking the tickets. My body that was so reluctant and least co-operative to work just few minutes ago was now working at a superficially accelerated pace. My fingers that were so lazy at typing that it took almost 5 minutes to draft a 2-line email now were so fast that I could mail the whole world in a matter of a few minutes. Just how we are an ace at doing what we like to do rather than what we are supposed to do. My new behavioral development totally took me by surprise.  Damn crazy, I thought!

Now, Infinity mall Image

located in the heart of Andheri West is one of the most happening hang-out malls in suburban Mumbai. People shop around the clock here. The place is always teeming with teenagers and college kids. The mall is exactly 15 minutes away from my work-place, if taken a cab or a rick-shaw but you might have to wait close to 2-3 quarters of an hour if you get swallowed by the never-ending traffic.


Pratibha and I left from work at a quarter past 5 and managed to reach the multiplex. We then followed the queue and got our seats secured after producing the plastic-money card.  By the way, did I even tell you which movie we booked the tickets for? So it was The Dark Knight Rises, the movie I was so eager to watch.


We were directed to our seats at SCREEN 3 of the Cinemax theatre where we enjoyed some good numbers flowing from Jason Derulo, Edward Maya, Katy Perry, just before the movie commenced.

Just when you are so impatient that you cannot wait another minute is when God puts your patience at test (Lesson number 2 for the evening). What I mean is that the management at SCREEN 3 was facing certain technical issues and the movie got delayed by 2 quarters of an hour. So the movie that was scheduled for 5:45 pm IST started rather at 6:20 pm IST.

In the mean-time, Pratibha left the hall to address to a phone call and returned to have a hearty laugh at the caramel-cum-cheese-popcorn-tub turned into caramel-cum-cheese-popcorn-carpet on the floor


that I’d dropped while trying to get comfortable on my seat. Oh how silly of me! I was highly embarrassed with the act which was highly hilarious for the next-seat-neighbors. But watch Pratibha laugh got me laughing as well.

Nevertheless, we earned ourselves another caramel-cum-cheese-popcorn-tub from the management as they thought it couldn’t have been a perfect timing for treating their customers as a pay-back for the movie-delay. Finally, after what seemed like ages in the movie-hall did the movie start and we were accompanied by other fellow-watchers and crazy-Christian-Bale-fans


in the applauding and whooshing and whistling at The Dark Knight’s entrance in the movie.

All the oohs and aahs at Anne Hathaway’s Image

appearances were greatly entertaining. And equally sentimental was the Great Bane’s story.


The 167-minute long movie ended with a satisfied and all-smiles audience.

Pratibha and I, along-with the other co-watchers exited the multiplex heading for home. The post movie watch gossip and discussion is always like re-watching the movie. Appreciating and criticizing the what-alls and what-nots  is always fun. I have always been a die-hard fan of Anne Hathaway’s and she massively outdid herself in this movie. Christian Bale was super-awesome as always. And so was the terrifying Bane.

We returned home after an enticing experience that promises to remain in my memories for a long time with all the waiting and popcorn spilling and laughing and admiring the characters. So Friday ended with a good note while I spent a fascinating evening with Pratibha and the famous Batman!

(Thank you to Pratibha Salian for helping me in this blog)

-Asha Seth