Discovering Yourself

Quite often; we forget that amidst fulfilling what is expected of us, we overlook one of the most important aspects of life. That is spending time with one’s own-self. It is important in the long run that we try to know more about ourselves. To learn what we are good at and what needs improvising. That way we will be able to develop ourselves into better individuals. I always try to have a balance between what I am supposed to do and what I want to do. There is a difference there if you noticed.

Now, what you are supposed to do is something you are obliged to do. Something that is demanded of you. Like your job, like shouldering responsibilities etc. However, what you want to do is something you do infrequently albeit voluntarily. Like your personal interests, your hobbies, etc.  These help you to look a little deeper inside yourself and explore that side of yourself which is artistic, creative and full of enthusiasm for life.

Each one of us has varied hobbies based on our personal interests. For example, I love to read and I explore as much as I can on that front. Many of us prefer traveling or say writing. Maybe cooking or gardening. And the list is variably endless. And quite to my amazement as you would agree, is the fact that no matter what, we always find time to devote to our hobbies.

However, not deviating from my core subject here, I believe that apart from pursuing our routine and not-so-routine tasks, we should render time from our busy schedules to ourselves.

So if I may ask, how many of us do just take a long walk alone? How many of us spend some time meditating? How many of us sit just watching across at the sea or a garden? How many of us?  Image

 I deeply and strongly believe in self-development through learning more about your own self. In order to do so, I always spend some time alone. I take solitary walks on the beach and sit on the sand-floor folded arms over knees staring over the vast expanse of the sea. The quietness and calmness helps me understand myself better.  I keep asking myself questions that no one but me can answer. Answers that I cannot seek anywhere but in the depths of my heart.


This evening, after leaving from work I took some time off for myself. To do things that I like. I went to this beach that I have now become a part of. I took a long walk across the banks and found myself at infinite peace.

Today, I was contemplating if I take quick and right decisions about crucial issues in life. I figured that at most times when I was in trouble and I was indecisive, I made wrong decisions because I was not strong enough to face the consequences of making the right decisions or shall I say truthful decisions. At times, I was impatient enough to think about the pros and cons and my hasty decisions affected a few lives. At times, I was scared about losing and the feel of loss triggered me to make untrue decisions.

  Spending this evening while sitting at the beach and looking at the great vast sea, I learned a fact about myself. That there is one part of me that is afraid of rejections, losses, grief, despondency and suffers greatly when faces these emotional aspects of life. It succumbs to pain easily and affects me exponentially. Hence, my aim for the next few days is to try and master the skill of making effective decisions not hampered by or tampered with on emotional grounds.To seek suggestions from friends and family who love me and will guide me with a hope of seeing the better of me.

Decisions always have to be with respect to the greater good and not just based on personal gains.

I will pray to God to give me wisdom to do good and strength to accept and dispel what is right.

-Asha Seth