Finally, its raining!

How does one feel when after miles of throat-wrenching walk, you suddenly spot a spring of fresh water? or the feeling as they say when one discovers an oasis in a desert?

Just the sight of it feels refreshing, isn’t it? It is like food for hungry eyes and quenches your thirst even before you  have taken a mouthful sip of the water. A celestial experience that is for someone who is dying of thirst.

Well, to make it clear and little more sensible for my dear fellow bloggers and readers, let me tell you what it is that I am exactly referring to.

So, its a ‘NO’ if you are thinking if I have just come back from a trip or trek or a travel vacation and sharing some of my experiences although I so wish I could take a break.

Being born and brought up in Mumbai for almost 25 years now,  there is this one thing that I have just not been able to get accustomed to and that is the humid nature of climate in Mumbai. Being in an equatorial region as India is and as Geography explains, Mumbai is said to be one of the most humid cities in the country. Despite the fast-paced life and the culture and life-style in Mumbai, the inhabitants of the city still seem to get wary of the warm mundane weather which tends to get unendurable in summers which generally lasts for a period of four months starting from February and  stretching up-to May sometimes extending to June. However, in Mumbai we experience a warm weather all around the year. I guess by now, fellow readers must have got a fair idea of what I am arriving at.

Anyway, so as we approach the end of summer or for better understanding we consider the end of the month of May, Mumbaikars impatiently wait for monsoons to arrive and the feeling is similar to the hunt of springs in woods.This year although monsoon winds started blowing in Mumbai by the 3rd week of June, there apparently were no rains for almost two months of June and July except for a few passing showers that failed to satiate our needs and longing for the greenish tranquil climate.


Nevertheless, the 2nd week of August has fetched us some rains as it has started to pour around where I am based. And to see it raining after so long equaled finding an oasis in the desert. Moreover, when the wait seemed like ages. It feels heavenly to see a change for a change. If you know what I mean.

Lush green land is most certainly a feast for the eyes and so is water for earth and living. I like the feel of moistness in the air that now blows as the dryness and warmth has evaporated for a little while.  How I wish it rained a lot more around here than what it ideally does!

Being a rain-lover that I am, it is most certainly going to take a lot longer for me get habituated with the weather in Mumbai although I love the city like no other. In the mean-time, trying to get the most out of rains and enjoying the cool weather while I absorb the scenery out my window with a cup of hot home-made tea.

-Asha Seth