The Lane Amidst Nature

Did this picture catch your attention? Did it provoke a thought in your mind?

Before you start wondering why on earth would I want to share a random picture, let me tell you something? This is not just another image courtesy Google. It is an image courtesy Nokia C2-01, my mobile phone. I managed to capture this image on my most basic Nokia handset. Now, Nokia C2-01 along with its other salient features is equipped with a 3.2MP camera which does a real good job in capturing clear pictures or should I say moments?

This narrow lane that you see in the picture is one of the regular routes I tread through every day. But it was only recently that I noticed what difference it made in my life.

My travel to my work-place can be summed to something like this. A morning 9.06AM train from Bhayander (where I stay) to Andheri (where my office is based) which is 29 kms approx. 18 miles and requires about three quarters of an hour. Then a rick-shaw ride from railway station to Bhawans College Campus (the famous academic centre located in the heart of Andheri) which takes approx. 10 minutes and then a brisk 5 minute walk to my office building. And there I am.

So the daily 5 minute walk that I take is by passing through this lane in the college campus that you see in the picture. Lately, I noticed myself rushing to reach this lane and once I seem to touch the ground I slow down my steps.

So what is so different about this lane? I happened to ask the same question to myself.

This lane as you can see is lined on the sides by trees of various species. The drooping branches shadow the lane from sun’s scorching heat. Especially, during summer it is a real blessing. When you pass through the lane, you feel as though the trees pull you in an embrace casing you in their branch-like arms. The massive trees flourish through the year while little saplings keep peeking from behind mother tree trunks.

On the left side of the lane is a small lake. Numerous lotus plants growing on the surface impart beauty to the lake with their presence. The shooting lotus stems with blossoming pink petals cater a beautiful feast for the eyes. The lake looks authentic with low growing shrubs and plants surrounding its banks. Several black ducks swim in it oblivious to the pairs of eyes watching them which adds to the fun. And so is the sight of fishes in the lake that play a quick hide and seek while they stare in your eyes and swim back deep into the lake as though asking you to find them.

On the right side is a Nature & Adventure Club where summer and monsoon camps are organized for kids. The land there too is lush with vegetation and greenery.

While I take this walk down this lane every day, I’ve found myself to be at utter peace of heart and mind. For minutes, I stand and watch the activity around. The usual buzz around don’t seem to affect me while I drink nature’s filling. Slow blowing breeze caresses you and drags you to their world. And several minutes are passed before I realize that I am supposed to rush to work.

The peace that nature provides warms my soul and I feel deeply relaxed. As though, right here on this lane amidst nature is where I want to be. Once I am here, there is nowhere else I wish to go.

In today’s time, it is difficult to find a place like this. I say so because trees and plants are slowly disappearing from the face of earth. Very soon there might come a time when our eyes would crave to find one lush green tree. While we do not appreciate their blessings and mercilessly continue to keep cutting them down, we might never really get to experience their presence in near future. As the saying goes, ‘We never miss the water until it’s gone’. Perhaps, someday we might learn to appreciate the sacrifices nature does for us.  Until then, I aim to soothe my eyes and soul with Mother Nature’s love.

And I think about all this while I tread on this lane amidst nature.

-Asha Seth