Life is…

Life is a bucket of myriad experiences we encounter everyday.
Infinite, innumerable moments.
Some might stay in your memories forever, some might last just for a few seconds.
Some might prove to be challenging, some might just be fun-provoking.
Some accompanied with immense love.
Some making dreams come true.
Some carrying joy while some others suffering.
Some might make you laugh till your stomach hurts bad.
Some make you sob till your eyes are blood red.
Some hectic, some lazy.
Some hurriedly fly away with time, some just drag you sluggishly.
Moments when you are brimming with hope. While some that seem difficult to cope with.

But, in the end, it is LIFE. That is what life is all about.
Every little moment teaches us something. We tend to grow with these experiences.
While some of those experiences cause heartaches and
make it seem difficult to carry on ahead with each day, we should always remember,
LIVING and not LEAVING is the one lesson life teaches us.
Even the darkest of nights is followed by dawn. And come what may, Life still goes on.

-Asha Seth