A Writer’s Confession


My dear friends,

I wish to make an embarrassing confession.

A few days ago I had shared with you, my thoughts about my Birthday Resolution which is  – A Blog A Day. In other words, blogging each day.

Since that day, I try and write a few words every day and share it with you. Quite honestly, there still are days when I don’t manage writing down a single word. No excuses really. Well, have I transformed?? (Knowing the real me, I would have scrolled a list of excuses to prove why I don’t get around writing some days.) Anyway!
So, while I say that I try and write every day. This is what I have been honestly doing. First thing in the morning, log into my WordPress Blog Building. Rush straight to NOTIFICATIONS Floor. Peek into the LIKES apartment. Head into the COMMENTS room where I spend some time Hello-ing and Thank-You-ing all my blog-mates who are present in there. Then advance straight to the POST floor. Enter either NEW-MEDIA or NEW-PAGE flats. Throw a quick title followed by few words. And hit PUBLISH. Bam! Done!

Exit straight out! Lock the doors! Stuff the keys and out the building there I go.

Now, did you realize something? No?

Okay, so this is the confession I was talking about. It was only recently I realized how selfish and mean I have turned. While I wander around and post my thoughts and feelings, very conveniently I have been over-looking the works from my blog-mates. Their thoughts through their writing keep beckoning from the Room of READER and the Room of FRESHLY-PRESSED. But when did I care?? Just kept myself too busy with picking, grabbing, snatching, bagging all the awards, wishes, love, support I received. Not realizing that blogging is not just about writing. It is more about reading.

Reading what fellow blog-mates write. Getting to learn more through their thoughts-turned-words is what blogging is about. Sharing ideas, thoughts, experiences is what is called Blogging. Isn’t it? Or is it just writing?

Just scribbling down your thoughts doesn’t help you learn. Beaming and smiling while your blog-friends appreciate your work is like that little kid who turns all happy on receiving a cookie. It is sheer selfishness to just keep accepting. Is not one supposed to also appreciate what their friends are working at? Is it not called being mean to leave their important words untouched, unread, unattended to?

In the rush to keep writing, I forgot to keep reading. Keep reading that will enhance my knowledge. Keep reading that will help me improve my mediocre writing skills. Keep reading and appreciating. Keep reading and sharing the love back. Keep reading and letting my friends know what a fantastic job they are doing too when they pour their hearts out through their words. I forgot. I so forgot. How could I??

But, now that I have understood this well, I intend to read more and more simultaneously while I write. Blogging is supposed to be a 2-way relation. Taking but Giving too. If I just write, I only wander in my blogging world. But reading what my friends write gives me an access to other blog-worlds. Their worlds. Better ones. Best ones.

And I hope to keep wandering in their worlds more and more by reading more and more. So, now that I have made this confession. I feel so better. So lighthearted. So very happy.

A sincere promise to my blog-mates. Now on, you will find me more often in your blog-worlds. Exploring your worlds through your words.

-Asha Seth