Monday Mornings

MONDAY‘! Why does this little word drive us into a torpid state? Why does it make most of us get straight into a lethargic depression? Why is it that we want to get back to sleeping the moment we wake up in the morning on Mondays?

It is supposed to be just another day in the week, isn’t it??

But Mondays somehow manage to have a real-time drastic effect on our otherwise calm composure post the blissful weekends.

While many of us might beg to differ, I solemnly swear I am up-to no good
to debate this tendency and abide by every word of it. I am a very good live example of this fact. Why, you ask me??

For one, every Monday I am almost late to work. Lord help my laziness leading to sluggishness resulting to lateness.

Although, I make it a point that I am not awake up-to late on Sunday nights and sleep early so as to not get late to work, I still end-up scampering around for things the following morning and creating a hubbub while mum watches me annoyed-eyed. Oh God!  The pesky Monday Mornings.

It all starts here. Sunday nights. I close my bed-side books earlier than usual. Hug my pillows earlier than usual. Drift to sleep earlier than usual. And in the morning, the wake-up alarm starts ringing earlier than usual (how can he be so punctual and not me??). I twist and turn. Then peek at the watch through almost closed eye-lids. Stare at it a little longer as though begging him for few more minutes of sleep. He stares back wide-eyed as though warning me of the repercussions. But  when do I care??

The next instant I am snoring already and after good half hour which seems to be just seconds, he yells again. This time in a loud ear-crashing voice of his telling me I am late already. Well, what next?? The girl who as a slug just seconds ago is now a super-woman. What a change!

I glance at the watch and I know I am screwed. Screwed big-time. It is  Monday Morning. Monday Mornings mean going to work after full one day’s work-off (this poor soul works on Saturdays). Monday Mornings mean an inbox over-flowing with mails. Spam ones. Junk ones. Important ones. Nuisance ones. Monday Mornings mean never-ending calls. Monday Mornings mean tiresome reports. Lengthy Meetings. Arid colleague-chatterings, boring-gossips, endless stream of coffee, etc. etc. etc.

I run, hop, skip and jump while I struggle to get myself organized and leave home. What more? Isn’t it always that just when you are late, so is the world around you too? Bless me, it is not just me. Even the trains apparently, are in no mood to get to work and are lazily delayed resembling my monday-morning mood. Phew! I coerce myself to commute in the delayed atmosphere around me and drop myself to work. Albeit reluctantly.

And in a similar fashion does my morning proceed. Rather sluggishly.

I try to comprehend what exactly puts me off about Mondays but haven’t been able to point my finger at it. It is not the work-load. I don’t think so. Or may be to some extent it is. But I guess I know driving factor. It is the care-free mode I get into on the weekend. No pressures. No tension. Just fun.

It is the life of convenience that restricts our growth. Once we fall into the habit of being convenient and settled with our pattern of life, we turn rather lazy to look at chances and opportunities for personal growth. We overlook them.

Monday Mornings remind me of this fact. Monday Mornings bring me out of my composed reverie and coax me to look at things from reality point of view. Monday Mornings beckon me to see the true side of life which is not all dreams and pleasantness. Monday Mornings help me accept situations, unanticipated occurrences. Monday Mornings help me view chapters of life from a brighter perspective.

I don’t think other days of the week would have managed to have a similar effect on me as it is only Monday Mornings that pull me out of my comfort zone weaved by the bliss of the weekend.

But that still doesn’t help me fall in love with Monday Mornings. I love the weekend fun so much, you see. And who doesn’t? 😉

Share with me what you feel about Monday Mornings. All your experiences. I’d love to know! 🙂

-Asha Seth