My Little Sister

Time passes by ever so slowly before you even have the chance to notice just like a snake slithering through the grass noiseless. Time only leaves a mark in our minds in the form of memories. And that is all that remains. Time changes, things change and so do people.

There is something I’ve wanted to share with you. Someone I’ve wanted to introduce you to. My little sister – Aarti. Here, I have also shared her picture for you to see.

But she is not little any more. By this I mean that in this fast paced world, she grew up at an incredibly fast rate. Well, all of us do. I did. You did. But still it surprises me. I somehow got so busy with my life that I did not feel my sister growing up right in front of my eyes.

Looking back, it seems it was just yesterday I used to console her when she would cry in mother’s absence. When I used to hold her hand while walking her to school and watched her walking inside past the school gates. When the coziness of my arms made her slowly drift to sleep. When I played hide-seek and doctor-doctor to keep her engaged. When I used to teach her to tie her shoe lace. When I braided her hair just to kill time. When I amused her by imitating her favorite cartoon character Scooby Doo.

Feels like just yesterday. Whoa! The pace at which time flies!

One of the happiest moments in life is to observe and feel your siblings grow. Don’t you agree?

The 12thof Oct was an ordinary day for most of us. But for me, it was special. It was my little sister’s birthday. My little sister turned of age. In India, boys turn of age when they are 21 years and girls, when they are 18 years old. Now, I am talking about the same little girl I’d introduced you to earlier here as the one who has recently acquired the divine habit of READING BOOKS.

Unbelievable! My sister is 18 years old now.

That means she can now vote for elections. She can apply for important national documents like PAN. She is better capable of making her own decisions.

While I hugged her, I realized that although she is 8 years younger to me, she is now a big girl. A girl who understands what relations mean. A girl who understands her responsibilities as a daughter, a sister, a student, a citizen. A girl who has started to wrap up the gift called life with her beautiful dreams and high aims.

I am not capable enough of gifting her things that will beautify her adolescent life. Gifts like Faith, Love, Happiness, Dreams, Hopes, Courage and Patience. Therefore, I prayed to the merciful Lord to bless her with his grace. Bless her with his unconditional LOVE.

May Lord be with my little sister. May all her dreams come true. May she be happy today, tomorrow and forever.

-Asha Seth