My dear friends,

It’s been a bit long since I’ve spoken to you. Since I’ve known about what is happening in your world. Just the universal excuse I always cling to. Work, work, work. All sorts of work. Professional obligations, personal commitments etc. Now then, while I take this opportunity as a chance to get back together with you, let me not waste it with my regular cribbing and tale-telling.

So, how’ve you been? How is the writing front shaping up? Stuck with work just like me, are you? I hope not!

Now, are you wondering why my post title reads 1973? For those of you, who have already drifted to that year in history, let me bring you back here with me. No, it isn’t some important date. There is nothing significant about it. No memories attached with it. Absolutely nothing. It is just a song. A James Blunt song. Queer to have a year in the calendar for the name of a song, isn’t it? That’s what I’d felt when I’d first heard it some time back. I happened to listen to it again recently and it is only then that I realized how much I’d been missing it all this while. What a song!

Here, I would like you to listen to it and hence, I have shared the YouTube link with you. For those who’ve heard it already, I’d love it if you listened to it again for me. For those who haven’t yet, well, what are you waiting for?


So, for those of us who heard it yet again, hoping you enjoyed it again. For those who heard it for the first time, how did you like the song?

Now, being the kind of person I am, I always find myself more than content in the comfort of things I love. But who doesn’t? What I meant to say is, once I am in my comfort zone, I do not put in much efforts in exploring new things unless it’s something my life depends on. You might call me lazy and that’s true.

Since a young age, I have been a diehard fan and follower of the Irish Band Westlife and a cruel-addict of their songs. I prefer listening to their songs alone when I feel a need for some music which is not often (I am solely wholly and loyally committed to BOOKS, you see). I am sure almost all of us are well attuned to the various million artists these days and their zillions of songs add to the list the few dozen genres. For me, somehow this has been equal to understanding rocket-science. I don’t seem to grasp the technicalities of music a bit.

I am praying inside my heart that you aren’t expecting me to write a 500 word description on the song. I am certain I won’t be able to. Besides, I don’t think I’d do it justice.

1973, as I noticed, is not one of James Blunt’s most popular songs unlike You’re Beautiful or Wisemen or High which I love dearly. It is one of those less popular yet addictive songs. It is magical in its own way and tends to linger in the environment around me for hours even after I de-earphone my ears. I play it over and over again and it keeps filling up my bucket with soothing music. I let it sink in. Filling me up to the brim.

Maybe it is the lyrics. Maybe it is the music. Maybe it is James’ mesmerizing voice. Maybe it is all. I am absolutely enchanted.

I’d love to ask James the reason behind choosing 1973 as the name for his song as it might just help me relate to it better. Until then, I am going to enjoy this song. Perhaps, I’ll listen to it 1973 times maybe! Hope you enjoy it too!

-Asha Seth