Counting Minutes

It is difficult to forget those few moments when you are COUNTING MINUTES
for something to happen, when you are waiting for something impatiently.
All of us have encounters with numerous such moments
Desperately waiting.

Instances like these,

When a husband is waiting outside a maternity ward…COUNTING MINUTES
When a wife is waiting at the airport for her soldier husband’s arrival…COUNTING MINUTES
When a son is waiting to reach home to his dying mother…COUNTING MINUTES
When a student expecting 1st grade in boards is waiting…COUNTING MINUTES
When a candidate is expecting interview outcome from his dream company…COUNTING MINUTES
When an officer is counting on a promotion…COUNTING MINUTES
When I am waiting for a new release from my favorite author…COUNTING MINUTES
When you are awaiting a call from your sweetheart…COUNTING MINUTES
When your eyes are glued to the TV sets watching a INDIA-PAKISTAN cricket match in the last deciding over…COUNTING MINUTES
When you are expecting your name to be announced for an award…COUNTING MINUTES
                                                                                 When I am waiting for that hour when I can write a post on WP…COUNTING MINUTES

And the list goes on and you might as well like to add a few of your personal experiences.
Irrespective of what the consequences of our much awaitedness is,
those few moments when we are COUNTING MINUTES seem to be such that our life depends on them.

The outcome might be pleasant, might be disheartening.
Might be dream-achieving, might be absolutely depressing.
Might be motivating, might be hopes-shattering.

Yet, those moments when we are COUNTING MINUTES seem to have
the dying effect of panic and anxiety and render us intolerably helpless.
Making it difficult to breathe. Like something choking our insides.
Life comes to an absolute halt for a few minutes.

It is unbelievably strange that in those few inexplicable moments,
seconds seem like hours and minutes like ages.
And gradually, time stops.
It is one of those few instances in life when it feels as though
the hands of the clock have come to an abrupt halt.
And time refuses to move on. Mocking at our perilous plight.

Life is a bunch of such moments.
A collection of such circumstances.
A pack of such extracts of time
when we are doing anything but COUNTING MINUTES.

would you like to share some of your personal experiences
when you’ve been antsy beyond measure, COUNTING MINUTES ?

Come. Share. I’d love to read them.

– Asha Seth