It is the season again. Season of Lamps & Lanterns.
It is Diwali again. Festival of Lamps & Lanterns.
Every city is adorned.
Every household is gay. Every face lit up with smiles.
Everyone has forgotten their worries. They have left them miles away.
Everyone seems to be living to the fullest while Happiness promises to stay.
I walk the crowded streets. I walk the narrow lanes.
I feel cheerfulness that washes away all the pain.
I watch the shops crammed with shoppers. I watch while kids scamper for crackers.
I enjoy teenagers’ busy chattering. I enjoy ladies at the stalls bargaining.
The air has the sweetness of Laddoos and Karanjees.
Porches look welcoming with colourful Rangolis.
Doorsteps have massive Lanterns dangling. Corridors have Lamps brightly burning.
The city is beaming with exuberance and life. The city looks as beautiful as a newly wed bride.
And so, leaving all my worries behind me, I join in the festive mood around me.
Living it. Enjoying it. Cherishing it.
And with a heart filled with boundless love and affection, I wish all my loved ones much Luck and Prosperity.
May the festival of Lamps & Lanterns, fill your lives with endless Hope and Happiness.
A Joyous Diwali and a Prosperous New Year to all my writer friends. May God bless you all.

– Asha Seth