Change is Good

Change is the only thing that is Constant, they say. It’s inevitably omnipresent. But I ask, “Really?”

Of late, I don’t seem to experience anything new around me. No change at all. Or maybe, I am just oblivious to Change. Knowing me, I’d go with the latter.

Yes, so I am lost in my own little world! Yes, so I have  transformed into that self-centered person who’s stopped giving a damn to the happenings around me. But who cares? I am busy. My Neighbors are busy. My Dog is busy. The World is busy. Period.

Maybe I have stopped noticing the world around me. Maybe I walk closed-eyed which is why I fail to see and witness things that change with every minute, every moment. And I remember one of my favorite quotes. One that Paulo Coelho said in THE ALCHEMIST,

“When each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.”

And I am thinking. Well, it is not that I disregard the blessings that each bright day confers upon me. No! Then where does the problem lie?

And I quickly find my index finger rising and pointing up at BOREDOM. Yes! I say, HE is the PROBLEM. I think I am just bored. And the fact that life is taking a  monotonous route is what is getting me bored. No change. Nothing new.  Just the same old things each day, every day. Now, I think I seriously need some change, some serious Change.

Talking about Change, I know no one has ever escaped him remaining untouched, but there are times when you get accustomed to Change and start to feel absolutely dreary. Dull as a dishwasher.

So yes, I am bored of, well, quite a lot of things. The list really is endless.

From waking up the same time to jogging at the same hour.

From taking the same train to work to walking down the same lane.

From talking the same way each day to looking the same way each hour.

and so on….

And I decided, it is time. For a Change. A Change for good. For me and for others around me. So, I changed certain habits. Take a look!

 For a change, I now wake up at SEVEN rather than SIX. For a change, I’ve started to street-jog rather than in my regular Joggers Park. For a change, I now take different routes to work to have a view of different things. I have started to have COFFEE and not TEA. I now leave my hair loose rather than typing them up in a high pony. I SMILE A LOT and cringe my brows a little less. I have started practicing BEING LEFT-HANDED(I am RIGHT-HANDED). I have started reading AUDIO-BOOKS a lot rather than the usual PAPER-BOOKS. CLASSICS rather than ROMANCE or MYSTERY. The practice is still on.

I know you might say it is not much. Just silly little things. Yet.

I intend to keep adding such little things to my TO-BE-CHANGED shelf.

Wait a second, did I just forget to add my ATTITUDE to this list? I guess it is my Attitude, off-late, that needs some serious Change. I guess, after a while, I will start to fall bored of these newly made changes too.

Yes, I guess, for a Change,  I must Change my Attitude towards life. That should do the trick, isn’t it? What do you think?

-Asha Seth