When Relationships Die…

What do you do, When Relationships Die…
When suddenly you are just an acquaintance
to those who are an integral part of your life!
When you are made to realize that your existence isn’t valued anymore!
When you are made to believe that the good times you shared were nothing but passing time!
When you are zapped to reality and made to see the true face of relationships!
When askance your little world is reduced to half because
you now know it was just surrounded by people you assumed to be your FRIENDS!

What do you do, When Relationships Die…

Do you feel aghast and hurt or you feel betrayed and enraged?
Do you try and convince yourself that it doesn’t really matter
when its all you are actually thinking about?
Do you pick up the pieces of your crushed heart
and live with it each day for the rest of your life?
Do you blame yourself for having high regard for them or
you curse them for turning inconsiderate with time?
Do you live off building false assumptions for yourself just so
it doesn’t prick your heart each time you think of them?
And even if you do,
Does it really help?
To forget them. To wipe off the memories. To stitch up the wounds.
To hide away the scars. To flush them out of your life. Clueless!
What do you do, When Relationships Die…
– Asha Seth