Time of my Life!

Feels good to do absolutely nothing, isn’t it?
Lying idle. Carefree.
These days I’m so busy doing nothing.
Tied up head to toe in idleness.
The entire Christmas week
I’ve been on leave from work.
Christmas vacation. Winter break.
How blissful! How fortunate!
Some of you who are working are thinking.
Some are feeling a little envious too, aren’t you?
Just a little bit. But yes! Yeah, I know that feeling.
The moment you learn someone’s on leave from work and you wish you were on leave too. Especially those who are work-loaded, deadline-driven nearly all the time and hardly get the privilege to enjoy some no-work break.

So yes. I’m on leave.
Enjoying. Doing nothing.
And yes I’m exaggerating too. I mean one cannot practically do nothing.
I mean even doing nothing is doing something right?
Okay, okay. Ill stop getting on your nerves now. Anyway!

Just the other day Rach called me on my phone. Remember her, right? No? Okay, I’ll introduce you to her later. She is always concerned about the track my life keeps taking. Eager in knowing the latest developments in my life. And then starts a stream of questions.

“How is work? What book am I reading? If I bought any new book? Anywhere new that I traveled? Did I fight again with a rickshaw fellow for charging me wrongly? Any new guy who asked me out?” etc.
The regular girly talks. Guess you got the idea!
And based on my replies, starts a fresh round of grilling, sound advices, suggestions, jolly making, jokes cracking etc.
Got a friend who knows you in and out? Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Welcome to the world of know-all-about-you, cant-live-without Best Friends. Anyway!

And it felt so good to say, “I’m at home doing nothing“.
How heavenly it felt right then!
No work related pressures. No deadlines.
Just relaxing. Meeting old friends. Reading long desired books.
In short, having the time of my life!

What else can a person like me desire?
Waking up late. Lazing around.
Cuddled in blankets with books till mum starts to yell.
Having late showers. Apparently, the tv sets’ just gone
invisible from my line of sight.
Curled up in a ball huddled in a corner where noone can spot me. With a book. Glasses perched on my nose while I almost dig in the pages.
Slowly munching on stolen cookies or at times savoring hot tea.
Yeah. That’s all I’ve been doing. And wondering simultaneously.

Can life get any better than this? Hence I’m trying to make the most of it. Because this is exactly how I wish my life to be. So what if it is for a short period? It is still the time of my life!

Asha Seth