What Would You Do??

What Would You Do if you suddenly realized that you had just few minutes of your life left to live?
Did you ever find yourself wondering about it when a friend jokingly asked you this?
I found myself brainstorming over this today evening.
What would I do if I suddenly realized that I had just few finite minutes left to live?

My mind – the cauldron is suddenly brimming with so many thoughts. Hundreds of them performing a quick marathon. Shouting for my attention. Trying to press their importance.

I sit watching through the eyes of my mind, the numerous thoughts that race up. Comprising mostly of desires of the heart.
Undisclosed unprofessed unfulfilled desires.
So many they are. And I’m stuck.
So little time. Which ones do i address? Which ones do i ignore?

But I ask YOU. What would YOU do? What?

Would you confide in someone a dark secret that you’ve kept buried inside all along?
Would you take that time to forgive someone for what wrong they did to you?

Would you free your heart of the burden of grudges against someone?
Would you ask forgiveness for having hurt someone?

Would you attempt to do a deed of gratitude?
Would you confess to someone that you’ve loved them with all your heart?

Would you pray for a distressed soul?
Would you just lie and relive the happy moments that defined your life?

Would you thank God for the life he gave you?
Would you curse fate for everything that didn’t turn out the way you wanted?

Lastly, would you want to wear a smile or a frown on your face those last minutes?

What would you do? Rather what ALL would you do?

Will not the anxiety kill you for not having sufficient time to accomplish all that your heart desires in the last few minutes of your life?


I know; I do know, it nothing but sounds ridiculous.
Absolutely ludicrous some might say! But isn’t it true?
Life is unpredictable as it is. So why not live it while on the go?
Why not do all of those things NOW, while we have ample time to be at it?
Why is it that we always wait for the right time?

If anything, the right time is THIS. It is NOW. The PRESENT.
For instance, if I cannot tell you now,
how much I appreciate your presence in my life,
what is the point in waiting till the D day?

What I really feel is, it is better to live with this idea everyday.

We might as well not leave
Many important words unsaid, many important things undone, many important dreams unrealized.

So, here, my friend, I ask of you again. What would you do??

-Asha Seth