No Mood To Write

So it’s time for my favorite part of the year – Monsoons. And surprisingly, while there is so much I can write, I actually am in no mood to write. I am enjoying the weather as after much waiting we finally have some relief from the blazing sun. The last couple of weeks seemed like stepping out the house and stepping into a furnace. Thanks to Mumbai summer and the extremities of it.

But summer days are gone and now we have monsoons. I would have loved to share some beautiful pictures but guess another time. I am just too lazy today. And of course, the weather’s so good that I’m in no mood to write. Knowing myself, I’d have preferred to sit back with a book and a cup of nice hot ginger tea. But I choose to stray from my customary habit.

I am sharing a quote that’s top of my mind – the pleasure one gets in enjoying little precious things that come for absolutely no cost.


So while I can, I am heading out for a walk in the rains. Hope you enjoy your day too no matter which part of the world you are.

-Asha Seth