What’s the 1 Rule for Writing Catchy Titles? Secret Revealed.

There is always this dilemma with titles. To begin with, I am never self-satisfied with a chosen title. And once I have chosen it, sticking by it is another task.

Thinking of it now, I feel how difficult can it be? I always start with one topic leading to another and then going as far as scribbling pages after pages on something totally irrelevant.

And I wonder does everyone go through that? Or is it just me?

Take this particular piece of writing, for example.
I sat down with a cup of hot ginger tea pondering over a germinating thought.
I wanted to discuss why is it that I stray from the original titles all the time, and within no time, I had scratched and scrawled everything else but just that. I wrote, stroked, did some more frantic scribbling, and all it had to do with was – ‘Why titles are important and the ways to write interesting titles’.
Most times, I then change the title to something new based on the write-up and some other times, I save that as a draft and start constructing on the original title.

And this happens all the time. Yes, then I push the blame on causes like easy-distraction, low-concentration, and going-with-the-flow kind of thing.

So, what really works when you’re struggling to write a befitting title?

1 Think about a title and build a story around it


2 Write a story and then craft a suitable title

Really! There’s no other way, people. If you thought, I’d share some foolproof secret ingredient, trust me, I’m lost for it too.

I’d feel a hell of a lot better if you share some of your ideas of title-straying and how you sort out the dilemma with titles.

Happy writing till we meet next.

Until then, carpe diem! 🙂


© Asha Seth

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