‘Leave a Reply’!

1412. That is it?

Now, you must be wondering what on earth this should mean to you!
Well, it would have been good to imagine that I had these many eggs. Although, I haven’t the slightest idea of what I would’ve done with that many eggs. Maybe having that many cookies would have been helped. It would be awesome fun to call friends over tea and enjoy the cookies with them. But I can only wish. Since it is not even cookies I am talking about.

Not talking in riddles anymore, I am almost disgusted or rather plain disappointed that this figure shouts out the number of comments on my blog. To be precise, the number of comments I have made on very many WordPress blogs here.

Yes, you heard it right!

In a year and a month’s time, that’s all the comments my lazy self has made in response to each ‘Leave a Reply‘, ‘Share what you think‘, ‘Speak your mind‘, ‘Let’s talk‘, etc. that I see on the posts I visit. Shows only how much disinterestedly the whole affair has been handled.

Yes, all you smart secret smilers who just smirked, I know you got it way big, that figure. Go ahead, smile all that you like.
No, I am not the reply-on-the-go girl. Nor am I the always-first-to-respond girl. Well forget that! I am not even close to how tactfully some of you talk your thought. Which is one reason I almost sit scratching my head after reading a post because by the time I read a post and am wanting to comment all the words that come to my mind have already been used by some or the other smart blogger.

Feeling lost, feeling empty, I just leave. So you won’t even come to know if I came by and stopped reading your post that you so painstakingly wrote. And what’s the point in clicking the ‘like’? Does it convey my idea of the post? I don’t think so. And I think to myself – ‘Leave a reply’! Yeah, Sure!, before I turn and walk away.

So, these days, I am very much in agreement with Churchill’s famous quote, from a different point of view, of course,

“No comment” is a splendid expression. I am using it again and again.”

However, I have promised myself to double up this figure in next six months time. Don’t ask me how though?

My prevailing situation reminds me of that prank from the popular television show – Just For Laughs Gags, where a currency note tied to the end of a string is used to tempt walkers-by into greed and they finally end up realizing that they were tricked and the incident was being captured on national television. What more, the note is fake! Ever noticed the degree of embarrassment on their faces after discovering the cameras? Yeah, Exactly!!

New posts seem almost like that currency note to me. They lure me into running after them. Reading them tip to toe only to realize there’s nothing I can write. Next expression is something similar to ‘Caught’! If there is a tutorial to learn the art of commenting, I have no clue of it, although, I seriously doubt if there is one.

So, talking about personal inefficiencies, out open on blogs, makes me feel exactly the same way – Embarrassing. Dull & Low! In my mind, it equals announcing a personal trait over the radio or TV for that matter. When most of the world out there might not even be interested and hardly care about it but it sure looks pathetic to your eyes to an extent that you want to start working on it right away just to appear better in those many eyes you are imagining are watching you! Phew!!

I envy upto the point of bewildering surprise how most of the bloggers manage to not only read each post but also leave a stunning  response everywhere they stop. I mean, how do you MANAGE???

How? Oh, how? Do you do it, so perfectly, so sinfully perfectly? Please, show me the way, show me the trick too, I almost beg.

-Asha Seth

P.S: This is one of author’s random temperamental posts. This post has no direct connection with any writer or their works.  The author is well aware that she has been blabbering and therefore wants to thank you for reading through anyway. 🙂