The Oscars for Bloggers

Okay, so, the other day it was all quiet, a peaceful afternoon. I, on the couch, balled up with legs dangling off the arm and fingers tapping away on the laptop. My sister was enjoying some nice music amidst mouthfuls of some flavor of ice-cream. So, it happened to be a peaceful noon until I started jabbering away about something that my sister found to be a mixture of Spanish, Latin, German with quick fills of Hindi and perhaps, English. That way she can get real weird. But it wasn’t her, it was the topic that I was blabbering over of which she had no knowledge at all.

Running through the Freshly Pressed posts on WordPress, I suddenly blurted something that sounded like –

How do you get freshly pressed? I mean, really, what do you have to do to get that blue badge?

My sister who, of course, is not into writing, never follows my blogs and hardly knows about WordPress, felt I was talking gibberish.

Not knowing it was irritating her, I repeated myself almost about 10 times in a couple of minutes only to realise I was distracting her from listening to her favorite rock music.With one last I-had-enough-shit look, she snatched her phone, her tub of ice-cream and fled to the other room.

Couldn’t blame her, I do get real annoying at times.

But seriously, its aroused certain amount of interest in me since quite some time. I mean, what exactly do you do to bagย one of those Oscars for bloggers? Are there some rules to follow? Some tenure to achieve before you qualify for it?ย Areย you are supposed to have a certain high figure of bloggers who religiously follow you or that you are expected to have a flood of comments on each post you put together? Are you supposed to be an expert at writing and get your audience swooning all over your space? One of the freshly pressed posts that I’d read some time ago even had grammatical errors. I was left wondering. I mean, what is it?

Quite honestly, I think more than the advantage of getting recognized in the blogosphere, I fancy the blue badge. I’d feel mighty pleasant to show it off in some corner of my blogging space. I secretly envy those who have their posts shining up there in the WordPress sky.

Having said all of this, I still haven’t the slightest clue as to how one’s post gets freshly pressed? Have you?
All you biggie bloggers out there, can anyone tell me how do I lay hands on just one of those blue badges?

And till the time I figure this out, I am treating myself to one of Backstreet Boys hits – Inconsolable.

-Asha Seth