Say it Anyway

Enough of holding back.
Struggling with your own self.
So what if they walk away?
Say it anyway.

It may not be worth your trial.
But you deserve the impending peace.
Enough of tormenting yourself.
Say it anyway.

Life’s unfair, as it is.
Why make it harder?
When you suffer, in wake or sleep,
who’s there to watch you weep?
Turn bitter, curse each day.
But don’t keep it to yourself,
Say it anyway.

If anything, you’ll know you were right
and in time, you’ll leave it behind.
Keeping it clutched to your heart,
will only kill you inside.

Walking away is cowardly,
staying back and watching them go
is what takes courage.
They always thought you were weaker,
it’s time you changed their mind.


Asha Seth