The best thing about spending time alone is you get to know yourself better. I’d read somewhere that ‘The only person you should be better than, is yourself‘. So that gives me a lot to think about. And therefore this ME post.

I will talk incessantly about myself. Read on. Read till it gets to your nerves.
But please move on to other awesome posts out there once it starts to annoy you.

I’ve always believed in keeping my life less cluttered. Less cluttered with regards to people, places, incidents, secrets, expectations, dreams, etc. You can’t be certain of most of them, of course, but I always try to stick to things I can’t live without. Makes life a lot easier.

I’m amazed beyond measure when I think of the quintessential greatness and vastness of nature – the universe, massive oceans, endless stretches of forests, gigantic mountains, ferocious wildlife, the beauty of flowers, deceiving nature of darkness. The creator sure is an awesome artist!

I’ve also almost always made rules than following what everyone does. Helps me discipline myself in a manner I approve of and not be too unreasonably harsh at the same time. It’s needless to say that in the process I go offending a lot of people. But it’s inevitable. We are all born different after all.

Routine life gives us a lot to ponder about. But that is possible only if you allow yourself some time. It is as important as breathing for survival and eating for strength is. I allow myself that time by walking to destinations than opting transport. So, resultantly, I walk about 4kms each day and that, if you ask me, is a lot of time to absorb things happening around you.

Of late, I have come to think of habits, practices that I’ve indulged into.

I sing aloud when I have earphones plugged in and I realise only when people stare back at me. I bump into people or parked vehicles when I am reading a book walking down the road.
I do not check myself in reflective surfaces.
I always have a mass of messy disorganized bun for hair.
I have a British accent and most times that confuses people.
I stare at guys with broad-rimmed glasses.
When I enter a building, I notice the stairs; elevators go invisible.
Most movies I’ve watched, I watched them alone.
I love my mum so much that I’d have married her were she a man, and of course, not my mother.
I adjust my glasses when I’m nervous.
I hate orange colour.
I argue on senseless bits.
I can kill someone if I find them hurting animals. 

And then I wonder at the things I have never done…

I have never written more than 2300 words at a stretch.
I have never cried out loud.
I have never lied to this man I so love.
I have never tasted carrot juice.
I have never cheated anyone.
I have never planted a tree.
I have never liked cats.
I have never read a book in one sitting.
I have never traveled atop a bus roof.
I have never worn stilettos.
I have never liked scotch.
I have never been able to hold my breath for more than 21 seconds.

And there are much more, I’m sure. Only, I’ll discover them in time. Getting to know yourself only gets better when you totally absolutely love yourself. Because you know, that no matter what, nothing can bring you to hate yourself. And most times, that’s enough to lead you through light and dark.

-Asha Seth