maybe it’s true,
maybe we are not meant for each other

maybe how we feel when we are with each other, may not be true
maybe we are just fooling ourselves, maybe exploiting each other
to get past things we know will never happen but we so desire

maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s you too…

and maybe someday,
when we are gone our separate ways…

may we look back to today and hope, we had the chance again
to accept what we deny today, may we breathe in the odds

maybe for once, we finally, give our hearts the liberty
to dream the dreams we once ignored,
to falsify the insecurities we bred

maybe for once, we become one as to never fall apart

and maybe for once,
we look into each other’s eyes
and rejoice in what we know is true

we were and will always be, meant for each other
just like the seas and the skies…


Asha Seth