The walks I take
In the evenings, cold and dreary
With the sun setting on the horizon
I’m uncertain where I want to go

The mornings I spend
Wishing this and that
Unhappy with what I have
I’m uncertain about what I want

The notes I make
Sitting on the porch
Writing and striking words
I’m uncertain what they mean

The many people I meet
The faces I smile at
The moment they leave
I’m uncertain if I know them

The nights I spend
Lying awake, eyes wide open
Brooding over hopeless desires
I’m uncertain why I’m holding onto them

What is my heart waiting for?
Why isn’t it at ease?
Who is it looking for?
And all it says is – Past

I want to move on
And not agonize over it
But the heart doesn’t.
It wants to keep the memories
Close and safe.

‘That’s all I have’, I hear it say.
Swear, I feel the same
But do I want to say it out loud?
I’m uncertain.


Asha Seth