Words escape my mind,
but thoughts never leave.
Caught in a whirlwind,
this is what perplexes me…

What happens when you miss someone?
Do they miss you too?

What happens when your heart misses a beat?
Does it get passed on to someone somewhere
Needing it to live?

What happens when we blink our eyes?
The things we miss to see, are they not worth a view?

What happens,
when you bleed for someone?
Do they feel the pain too?

What happens when we lose something?
Does someone else find it?

What happens, when we steal a glance?
At someone, someone we love?
Do they get the butterflies too?

What happens when something you deserve
but never get?
When something you only dreamt of is finally a reality?

My mind, a cauldron of thoughts.
Words escape my mind,
but the thoughts never leave.


Asha Seth