Dying Embers

Fire burnt the logs through the night,
and all that was left behind were the dying embers…

the warmth of your touch sinking deep under my skin,
you were the fire slowly turning me to ash…

under the starless sky, we lay,
counting beats that slowed down,
like twigs turning to embers…

as you traced your finger across my lips and down the neck,
the fire dancing in your gaze,
reduced me to a mere puppet,
ruled by emotions, craving for more…

as the waves collided with the shore and parted, time and again,
so did we, our skins, our bodies, our breaths,
you, giving away, all of you…
me, holding onto what little was left of me…

drawing circles on your skin, watching you sleep,
long did I hope the night wouldn’t end
as I stared at the dwindling fire,

that rehearsed our tale, depicted our fates

and before the rising sun could calm the restless waves,
you were gone.
leaving behind an unanswered enigma,

a pale morning,  vague imprints on the sand,
and a heart as cold as ash…

ash left behind from the dying embers,
just like the memories, left behind by you.


Asha Seth