Want more blog traffic? Here’s the trick!

Who doesn’t want more readers?
We might say,
I do it for self-satisfaction,
for thought-liberation,
to improve the language,
or create worded memories.

Right and agreed.

But has anyone ever felt they don’t much care about having an audience?
Having an audience to appreciate your work never hurt anyone.

As writers, all of us crave readers.
As writers, all of us want to know what readers feel about our work.
As writers, all of us wish that our words stay with our readers.
As writers, all of us wish to inspire other writers.

So, in the quest for knowledge, we seek answers to such questions.
But there’s one catch

Read no matter how many articles. Refer to no matter how many resources.
Speak to no matter how many experts. Share with no matter how many friends.

No one’s going to tell you this.
If there’s any rule to attract more traffic to your blog,
then it’s this –

Write More

And this, my dear friend, comes from experience.

My blog stats speak volumes about this trick.
Now, you wouldn’t want me to get into the titbits of it.
(Believe me, the numbers are truly embarrassing.)
So to overcome this, I resolved to publish about 4-5 posts each month.
So far, for the past 3 months, this has worked all right for me.
Getting me more readers than expected.
And trust me, having more readers to share their wonderful thoughts
is so much more fun and motivating.
It’s a sea of good people out there, and we know only a handful.

If you too wish to treat your blog right,

Write every day. Write more, each day.

Your thoughts deserve to be heard.
Your words deserve to be read.
Your blog deserves the traffic.

Happy writing till we meet next.

Until then, carpe diem! 🙂


© Asha Seth

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