What is Love?

Growing up watching the mindless melodramatic romance in movies,
I always thought love was something that got you butterflies.
That a mere smile lights up your life
when that one person so much as looks at you.
How it sends shivers through your body
when they so much as accidentally touch you.
The tickling feeling that brushes your heart
when they lean in to kiss you.
Yes, all of this and a lot more!

Of late, however, I have a reason to believe differently.

What is love? It’s when…

He wakes up at 6.45 so you don’t miss waking up at 7.
When he stirs you a lemonade because you are feeling low
Getting pills and a glass of water ready, so you don’t miss them after dinner
He feeds you morsels when you come home spending an exhausted day fasting
Sends you an ‘I love you’ text in the middle of the day

Watches your favorite Harry Potter movies with you, even though he least likes them
Sends you your favorite ‘You’re my lobster’ FRIENDS quote just so you smile looking at it
Eats that dish you cooked with such fervor even when you’ve missed a thing or two
Tells you ‘You’re beautiful’ when you damn well know you couldn’t have looked worse

It all sounds just too ticklish romantic to be true, isn’t it?
Things you read in books. Things a girl dreams of.

Love, as I’ve come to believe, is not about flowers and chocolates,
or expensive gifts and candle-light dinners.
Love is a lot of little things put together.
It’s the start of a beautiful life in the most beautiful place possible; next to him.

And it takes just that one person to make you see what love is!


Asha Seth