Never knew what hate was
it was my love for you
that introduced me to it
a love that so completed me
is slowly poisoning
my mind, heart and soul

Hate is
the air around me
the roads I trudge
the sleepless nights
with the ashes of your memories
blackening my mind

Hate is
my new companion
killing every bit of you I knew
making me revengeful
angry, crazy

it’s mere mockery
that you swear
that you loved too
’cause my eyes
having witnessed the truth
now so resent

even a mere illusion of you

Hate is
the distance between us
the nightmares of what happened
it is the remnant
of the inconsolable pain you gave
of the undeserved love you used


So, it’s been a while I’ve wanted to do song posts. This simply means writing a poem or a verse, inspired from songs. This #SongPost is inspired from ‘Quit Playing Games‘ by Backstreet Boys.  Here, hope you enjoy listening to the song. 🙂

You also can participate. It’s really fun. All you have to do is:

Choose a song and write a post around it.
Use the #SongPost tag.
Share a YouTube link of the song for readers to enjoy.
Tag friends you think might love the song.

Asha Seth