scarred by your words
the insolence of your allegations
coarse and obscene
have mercilessly
annihilated all of me

how heartless
blew apart
the love and the likes
a stream of dislikes
the insults and the strikes
to put up with these
no longer I wish

cut right to the bone
every breath let out
are residues of ignored appeals
and precipitated hopes
smeared with resentment
tossed to the pile
of your egoistic psyche

malignant as hell
treason then sedition
it’s a foul show
tremors shake me to core
but what’s it to you
never said a word
bet you can’t feel them too
remorse ain’t enough
not any more

can’t wait
what for
play me for a fool
sorry, but no more
heart as cold as a corpse
steps as heavy as stones
away from you
they take me no care where


Asha Seth