A Game of Words

Work of Wonder by Advaita Inamdar
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If it’s just a game of words,

Then I must give it a try,

It’s like a challenge to me,

Gets me all mighty and high.

My pen is a sword,

And my poetry is a shield.

I never forget to bring my dreams along,

As I enter the battlefield.

There is no law in this game of words,

The only right is to choose,

The words you write in ink,

And you can’t dare to lose.

I am a master in this game of words,

Bravest among these selected few.

I will fight hard to get in,

And it will get ugly too.

The safety is off,

And my words will slay tonight.

It’s all just a game of words, baby,

And you wonder if I can put up a fight ?

The game is on,

And my sword is drawn to kill,

And on parchment ink shall be spilled,

It’s now just a battle of true skill.


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