Year-End Jitters

As the year draws to an end, why is there a heightened sense of urgency?

Why is there a yearning to have realized every dream, have every wish fulfilled? Why do my feet ache for a globetrotting escapade, to leave footprints in Rome, Russia, and all the cities on my checklist?

Why does the heart wish for a chance encounter with everyone ever loved and longed for? Why does my mind tame my conscience to explore the unfair means, opt for infamous choices, and do crazy things?

Why am I prejudiced despite germane rationales, making opinions beyond logical restrictions?

Why do I want to read all the books on my TBR, listen to all the favorite songs, dance to every tune? Why is there a rush to watch all the movies on my hard disk? Perhaps, embark on a Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, FRIENDS, and Tintin marathon…

Why is there an incessant need to write for hours, scribble down everything, every thought, every muse? Or just play with my pet dog, just make merry, till we are both breathless, exhausted?

Why does every passing day leave a sense of insufficiency, a sort of restlessness, like I’m levitating in a limbo? Why is there this lingering feeling – what if the impending new year is not as felicitous?

Most importantly,

Why do I feel there’s not enough time? Why?


What does the last vestige of the year make you feel like? Are you equally in jitters? Or are you busy making new year resolutions?

Asha Seth