A Fresh Canvas

I’m a wanderer with nomadic thoughts. Never settled, never stable. A restless mind dominates my nerves; I run bored of things easily, losing interest, the heart to pursue on. Such a kid, the mind is.

With another year knocking at the door, waste makes haste. Peeking into every possible nook and cranny, the conscience tries to tidy the room of all the mess made, and resolves to rectify the follies; get more organised before inviting the New Year in.

It’s a resolution-free year, simply because I didn’t manage well the past year’s. I didn’t learn to swim, couldn’t save enough to buy a pet vet van; in short, everything in the name of resolutions went sinking down the drain. Oh dear! The Goodreads failure was abysmal; the disappointment daunting. With pea-sized confidence, I have nor the will neither the heart, to suffer another setback, and so won’t be setting up a schedule this year.

A pleasant change however is that I have bought myself a few dozen books ready to be embarked upon. So I am eager to sail in the wordly oceans on exciting bookish trips. Writing as always will take a backstage compared to the reading, like every year. It’s more of choice than chance. Really! Facing the facts – I hardly managed running a 150 kms in the whole year. In 365days*24hours. Well, that makes me want to go hide under a rock. A goal side-lined then forgotten! Hoping still, in the heart of my hearts, to hit the running track often in 2k17.

An altogether different plan this year one which I have begun working on, is having a kitty of my favourite snippets from Harry Potter series. For this, Instagram is the right platform. I have never fully utilised the medium and so this year, I aim to have about 500 extracts from the series; each book, each chapter, each scene. Simply, so I can have my own cosy little Potter nook for those sultry days when I’m craving for a Potter palate.You can knock here @_silver_doe_ if you are an equally crazy Potter nerd!

Living a minimalistic 2017 goes without saying or else this year too, the pet vet van remains out of reach. An important target I’ve set myself is completing the novella I’m working on for Dad. Hoping to gift it to him this year, on his birthday in August. So I have 6 months to finish with the writing, and 1 month for editing and finally printing it. Phew! That’s among other things such as buying myself a vintage used typewriter; I’ve dreamt for it since forever.

With that, I’m ready to paint the canvas. That’s all folks!

What are your plans or promises for 2017?

-Asha Seth