as the key clicked
into the lock
he stood up excited
to finally see her
to be with her

she hurriedly wiped
her kohl-stained eyes
the memories
of the finality
still burning in her mind

a weak smile
replaced her sobs
the truth need not be sensed

the story need not known
and hugged him
as he jumped into her arms

melancholy well concealed
didn’t go unnoticed
his tail wagged

harder than ever
as he bounced
about her

he licked her cheeks
and cuddled like a kid
tilted his head

and peered at her face
he felt what she didn’t
her tired breathing
the numb cajoling

words defy
eyes don’t
when silence speaks tonnes
why truth be told?
aware she wasn’t fine
and knew he had to fix
whatever was killing her
whatever wasn’t all right


Asha Seth