Time to Hibernate

Hullo friends! I hope you all are fantastic. I wish so because I am not really in the best state of mind myself, of late. Know what I just realised? I am of the habit of writing ‘hello’ ‘hullo’ because that’s how I greet. Queer, eh?

Until last month, things were going well. At least in terms of the employment. I had a terrific job. The most fantastic colleagues. I loved what I did because I was doing what I loved – copywriting. Now? Well, for crying out loud, my firm has gone bankrupt and the partner people decided to shut the company down. Oh how easy! Guess they thought – let’s just drop the bomb and run for our lives. ‘Cause that’s what the spineless gits did. Result: Over a dozen employees suddenly run-out of jobs. I am one of them.

Over the past one month, I have only been sending across job applications; first in Mumbai and when for good 2 weeks I heard from none, I extended the territory to Pune, Bangalore, etc. Yet nothing!

So, I’m jobless. Terribly restless. Totally depressed.

I haven’t written nor blogged much over the last month as I have been trying to sort things out on the personal front. It’s sad to admit but even as a writer, writing bears the brunt of even the minutest shufflings or disorders of sorts. Yeah. Laugh at me!

Ideally, I should have picked up a Harry Potter book because the goddamn magical books set life in motion for me, at least, emotionally. Yes, call me mental! I started ‘The Girl on the Train’ instead. It picked up pace until about a 100 pages and now, at 120, the plot is just as messed up as my life right now. I hate to admit that I hate the book.

The plot just keeps going round and round, reminding me of the endless stream of calls from recruiters, news of zero vacancies, none offering anything concrete, just adding more misery to my plight. Never in my life have I felt like this. I so want to throw the book across the room, but I’m reading it on my phone. And taking a chance with the phone, now, could prove fatally drastic and financially detrimental. So I bear the torture, silently.

Anyway. The other news is I’ll be traveling. To Thailand. I know you must be thinking ‘what is she cribbing for?’ I would think so. Well honestly, in a different scenario where I do have my job to get back to, I would be excited and be all planned and prepared for the trip. But it feels I just don’t have my heart in it.

I wont be around for a little over a week; until the 22nd of the month. So, I will reply if you write to me, if you offer suggestions or solace, I’d be happy with whatever. But I may be delayed in doing so. So please bear with me. With this, I sign off. I clearly need some time off routine. I need this time to hibernate.

I’ll miss you guys. Miss me?

Asha Seth