An Unexpected Show

on the lazy Sunday morning
when the city had just woken up
from a deep sweaty slumber
suddenly lightning cast a flash
and the clouds dark and energetic
gathered at once ready to enact
the howling wind got in action
as if collaborating on a mission

tattered trees swayed in fury
and the strays pranced away to glory
the chill in the air got many shivering
as the rainy show was about to begin
the old woman at the cafe
clasped her tea cup tighter
as the naughty breeze
blew in her wrinkled face with fervor

light drizzles started the show
the frenzied audience put on their hats
and on quickened toes, left the floor
as rain, the harbinger of happiness
acted in a downpour
the heavy droplets beat the weary faces
and much exalted the innocent kiddies

enjoying the thrill
basking in nature’s magic
I swiftly stepped on the wet carpet
soaking in the refreshing expo
and showered an applause
as the rainbow made a cameo
within seconds the show concluded
some surprises are best unexpected


Asha Seth