Who am I?

the peasant’s daughter 

tills the land 

so her father 

can rest a bit longer

the shoemaker’s girl

scissors the fine leather

as she steals glances

at the butcher’s brother

the grocer’s wife

cuts her finger

as she worries 

about her son’s tuition

the toddler 

seeks for her mother

her mother

from beyond the grave

prays for her daughter

the rag-picker begs

for a penny or cent

and later she’ll bargain

for a meal decent

the baker’s shop

has just opened

she whips cream

for her cakes and buns

looking out the window

at the potential shopper

the sister 

still, writes letters

to a brother

lost at the border

I ponder

Who am I

I wonder longer

I am in all 

I am  from all

all of their sacrifices

all of their dreams

built from their passions

painted from their devotions

I am who I am

a woman of many desires