A little birdie

golden and free

enjoyed soaring

into the skies and trees

then one day

a fowler

laid a trap

and the poor bird

fell prey to his tricks

he tied her down

robbed her, abused her,

cut her golden wings

and sold them away

her soul tarnished as she bled

craved for freedom

as she lay tormented

then one day

the little boy

who fed the birdie sometimes

heard her sob

and struggle in her fetters

he climbed the fence

put water in her beak

cut the chains

and set her free

hiding between clouds

she cherishes the freedom

what use is beauty

if it can’t buy liberty she thinks

up and up she flies

out of reach of

fowlers and friends alike

one set her free

many still chase her alive


Here’s to completing 70 glorious years of Indian Independence.
Here’s to the freedom fighters, the martyrs, and to their families.

Happy Independence Day to every Indian.

Asha Seth