Jason Cage (Book#1): Book Review by Asha Seth

When I was done reading ‘Dr. Zhivago’, I was tad bored. I was in search of something exciting, something more than mere reading. Just then I received my review copy of ‘Jason Cage’; the one book I was so looking forward to. And let me tell you this, it did satisfy my soul’s hunger for a most exhilarating read.

The tale in a nutshell:

Jason Cage is not your normal man. He is the lone survivor of an accident until when he is adopted and the foster parents die too quite mysteriously. Jason’s dreams; the nightmares are not mere nightmares. They are realities taking place or about to take place in some part of the world. Although Jason knows that his dreams have a link to some of the most horrible realities, there’s nothing he can do about them. He seeks refuge and starts living isolated from the world in a monastery in Ladakh, India. But when Jason dreams that the one woman he’s loved all his life is in danger, he sets out to save her.

Jason cage
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The review:

Written by Akay Brothers, this book is divided into several subplots. At times, the main plot intermingles with the sub plots but then cleaves off and has its own ending. While Jason is fighting off odds to save Lisa, Dr. Drishti Bhargava, an Indian RAW agent, has her troop of best agents chasing a LeT terrorist and on having accomplished the mission, she assigns Axel, the chief agent, the task of bringing Jason to her. Apparently, only Jason can stop a horrible danger looming over mankind.

The suspense is just as mind-blowing as subtle Jason’s character is. The secondary characters from the various sub plots have only been touched upon the surface and since this is the first book in the series, the reader presumes they will be better looked into, and that more light will be shed on their queer motives, in the succeeding books. The descriptions are very well done without which the story would definitely lack substance; a reader would easily feel lost given there are so many sub-stories.

There’s disturbing gore, incidents that are so gruesome that you want to hold the end of your table to find your balance back. But all in a good gripping sense because what is a suspense novel without some brilliant mystery lurking in the corners of the pages? The narration is remarkable and is something that will keep the reader of any genre glued to this book.

This scene, for instance,

But Renato had to eat. He must eat. He had to kill it, his hunger somehow. Tablecloth. Yes, that could work. He put a piece of the chequered table cloth in his mouth but he wanted more and more. His face changed to a gaunt exterior, like a person who was starving for days or maybe months. But he had to keep eating to alleviate the pain, the pain of death.

I had to read it twice for the horror to totally sink in. The touch of paranormal makes the impending tragedy all the more interesting.

All in all, although I can’t deny the fact that I craved more clarity, I pacified myself with the thought there are more books in the series and hopefully, the loose ends will be tied back there. I had to have a strict control on my urge of putting the book down because Jason cage is thoroughly unputdownable (if there is such a word). If you’re bored, read it. If not, yet read it. Get your copy here.

If you happen to read ‘Jason Cage’ or have already read it, do share your thoughts below.

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