Fifty Shades Darker: Book Review by Asha Seth

I remember swearing aloud about not reading the next installments in the Fifty Shades series. Thanks to imbecile-irritating-Anastasia-Steele and satyriasis-sadist-Christian-Grey! But I also remember how I loved ranting about reviewing – Fifty Shades of Grey – and I just didn’t have the heart to deny myself that pleasure again. So here goes.

Fifty shades darker
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What was tad better-

Anastasia still acts like the immature, imbecile, indecisive college kid but finally, starts using her head, realistically. So, the urge to yell at her on almost every page doesn’t swell you up. She has finally mustered up the courage to stand up to things the way she wants rather than falling for Grey’s sexual fantasies *sighs*!! It is tiny bit relaxing to see her finally have some nerve and life of her own. The repetitive use of cuss slangs by the author only spoil it but not so much as book 1 because you have sort of grown accustomed to it.

What was unbearable –

Though James has managed to impart some peace to her readers’ by leaving out holy cow and holy shit most of the times, she still could not really stop Anastasia from flushing a million times and exclaiming jeez every second that she could, which again is a few hundred times. I would have loved to see Grey the-gazillionaire-top-notch-CEO working and being a little involved in the myriad of businesses he runs rather than just looking for ways to screw Ana.

While Grey struggles to mellow down for Ana, it is difficult to accept the change in his sexual behaivour in terms of all the BDSM fantasies he’s addicted to. James believes in leaving her readers bonkers about that one (for some mysterious reason, he falls in love with her). The sudden introduction of emotions not just one-sided and sex-driven but by the thing called love was unconvincing.

All in all, one thing that changed for good was its evolving nature compared to the first one in the series. But after 2 shitloads of drivel-rich books, I do need some breathing space to go on with Fifty Shades Freed; needless to say, I ain’t expecting a life-changing experience. However, here’s my Fifty Shades of Grey review. I shall soon review the 3rd book too. Watch out this space.

If you happen to read ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ or have already read it, do share your thoughts below.

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