A Dog’s Heart – An Excerpt

With Master and Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov has enchanted this reader’s mind, eternally. The deities and devils both, must have been on his side, when he created Master and Margarita, for the kind of masterpiece it is.

Soon after M&M, I had a plan to reach out to his other novels and A Dog’s Heart was top of my list. Ask me why? Because well, one – the protagonist is a dog and second – the reviews comfortably promise that it encompasses all the horrors and thrill as I expect after the M&M experience. Here’s an excerpt that pulled me into the story from page 1.

Eyes mean a lot. Like a barometer. They tell you everything-they tell you who has a heart of stone, who would poke the toe of his boot in your ribs as soon as look at you-and who’s afraid of you. The cowards – they’re the ones whose ankles I like to snap at. If they’re scared, I go for them. Serve them right..grrr..bow-wow…

Asha Seth