The Joy of Giving

Certain lessons of life run in your veins, like blood. Mother always said, that by giving, you grow. So we ought not think about what we give away, just give. Help those who have to struggle for the things you are blessed with. Religiously, we would donate or give daan each year.

The ‘Joy of Giving’ week reminds me much of this one ritual that I’ve followed for years. Rations and other basic necessities of life are looked after during the many festive charities like Makar Sankranti, Holi, Dussehra, etc. But for the ‘Joy of Giving’ week, I donate books. These books go to a school library. Somehow, parting with my beloved dearies in this fashion pains my heart, but only a little.

Here’re my loves enriching other lives now.

joy of giving

What’s your idea of ‘Joy of Giving’? What do you do? Do share your thoughts.


Asha Seth