Joys of Diwali

A walk a mile

filled the heart

with smiles

this is the only time

the city shines

brighter than

a million sparkling stars

in the deep blue night

the glint from

a thousand diyas

devours the darkness

the happy lanterns

reflect exuberance

a myriad emotions

adorn a myriad faces

but best of all

was the joy

that made

the flower-seller’s girl dance

upon receiving

a box of sweets

and toys

never touched

nor seen before.

What have you done?

Whom have you given?

This Diwali,

eradicate the dark out of someone’s life,

fill it with the sparkles of light,

wipe away the mundane melancholy,

gift someone the joys of Diwali.


Happy Diwali, dear reader.

May you have a prosperous year ahead!


Asha Seth