A Welcome Nightmare

I sit sweating

hit enter on the computer

for the hundredth time

what happened?

the blog is gone

perhaps it was hacked

maybe I typed the wrong URL

But no!

It’s all the same

yet not the same

it’s got to be a joke

the images

the words

my poetry

the stories

all gone

the blogger friends

all disappeared

where had they gone?

the ones I see now

I don’t recognize them

such weird faces

I want to shout at them

who are you’ll?

what the hell happened?

I can hardly breathe

my heart slamming in my chest

is this really happening to me?

slightly shaking

on the verge of sobbing

to add to the misery

what’s this thing?

wet and slimy

‘Get off my face’

‘Go awayyyyyyy…..’

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

I wake up panting

only to find my dog

looming over me

licking my face

It’s half past 4 in the morning

‘Go away, Alfey’, I say.

Staggering, I reach the desk

push the power button on

hit themusingquill.com

A wave of relief washes over me

oh, such bliss!

the pictures, the words, my friends

oh, my world is intact.

I’m so relieved to know

it was just a nightmare.


Asha Seth