Veiled Ink

A Wonderful Poem by Joseph, a very dear friend.
Peek into his fascinating world here:


In a soft embrace of shadows

As you release me from your pen

Will I see you today?

As I create my life with words.

Throw the alphabet out of the window

I know you will make your own life with letters

Chisel and shape me up on the potter’s wheel of sentences

That is a side of you I have never seen

Dripping Ink – Life’s ink

It was dark – It was leaking

Leaking your memories

Bringing them to life once again

In a poem perhaps placed in your pocket for another day

I see your pen writing again with calligraphic thoughts

With all its flowing swirl

Inventing a new language

Papers flying in the wind

Sheet by sheet

Bound – A story written

A never ended tale of tearing candles

Moonlight fever

Passions unleashed

Of scratching pen to paper

Writing the last chapter of my life

And now you write of me

Behind the veil


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