Pleasures & Perils of 2017

The year 2017 was so eventful that when I look back there is not one thing I would change. Although, there were moments that got the good of me and left me mighty drained. But I did pledge to take it all in good spirits.

Well, where do I begin? December, of all months, has been so amazing that I can hardly count my stars of blessings. Ironic isn’t it that I talk of December when I talk of beginnings? Call me weird, yeah! But more on that later.

My heart swells to think of the personal achievements, since there were quite few this year. I traveled 3 new states of the country. Left footprints in a foreign country; my first. I read 60 books this year; a total of 18400 pages; which isn’t half as bad if I reflect on previous year’s record.

Talking of the blog leaves me speechless because I have managed to do so much well compared to the previous four years on WordPress. I posted a total of 104 blogs and well, what does that mean? That I managed writing a lot more that all those years put together.

I made it to 5000+ followers on my blog and 500+ followers on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram pages. And meeting so many like-minded people this year has only left me so much more exhilarated and open-minded in terms of a lot of things, old and new.

Speaking of health, although I suffered from physical and psychological setbacks for most part of the year, I did manage to up my fitness game. I covered a total of 243 kms through walking and jogging. Isn’t bad, right?

On the professional front, getting a job that hundreds only dream of, being a part of a company that many hearts desire, makes me feel truly blessed. Losing the previous job, did after all have a purpose.

And now the highlight of the year! This was most expected and the biggest gift the year could give me. My blog ‘The Musing Quill’ was a winner at the prestigious IBA2017 held by Indiblogger. The blog was awarded under the category ‘Books’. Many talented Indian bloggers were awarded through 110 categories through a panel of much esteemed and able jury. A hearty congratulations to all.

And finally, dear reader, this is nothing short of a gratitude post. I thank you, whole-heartedly for being around. For making IBA 2017 possible. For making ‘The Musing Quill’ possible. For making me believe in what I do.

In a nutshell, these 365 days have left behind so much to cherish and celebrate. I truly am grateful to 2017 and bid it goodbye as I welcome 2018.

Here’s wishing you a very happy new year. May you be blessed with a most rewarding 2018.


What was your year like? What were your pleasures and perils of 2017? Let’s hear it all. Do write to me in comments; you know I love to read them. 😉


Asha Seth