Why should you have a Blogging Schedule?

Hello, readers! I am back after a long break. Last year was incredibly impressive albeit busy. And what happens when you’re tied up in tides, well, compromises. So, yes, blogging did take a back seat and although The Musing Quill did well, I did not.

This year, thus, I have decided to put a blogging schedule in place. And mind you, blogging schedule not writing. Confused? Good, because that means it did register in your mind that there’s a difference.

As writers, we write all the time, don’t we? My drafts archive is full of poems and prose, written in my mind but never given birth to. But I have noticed I do not blog that often. By that I mean, publishing the writing here on the blog.

On introspection, I realised, that although we may not have a writing schedule, it is essential we have a blogging schedule. Why? Simply so that we are always connected with our readers, because without content, our readers do tend to get disappointed.

If you ask me, I do feel that a blogging schedule is utterly essential; for the reasons listed above and more. Discipline in blogging reflects just how passionate you are about the task. So, I managed putting one in place and the schedule goes like this:


Motivational Quotes shelved under Quoted

What to expect: Light quotes on writing by the famous and the not-so-famous people.
What you get: A nudge and kick in times of writing needs. 


All things ‘Books’ shelved under Bookish Escapades

What to expect: Bookish excerpts from books I am reading. Book reviews. And thoughts around why must one really read.
What you get: An urge to dive into some amazing literature that you were missing all along.


All things ‘Writing’ shelved under From the Writer’s Desk

What to expect: Writing tips, tricks, post promotion ideas, poems, verses, etc.
What you get: Everything you need to get better at writing and some entertainment too.

Now, there are some really interesting posts lined up for the coming weeks. So, don’t miss them. Here’s hoping we catch up often.

More or less, that’s all folks! How does it sound? Is there anything else you’d want to see? Anything that you’d want to read about and that I’ve missed here, do write and tell. All suggestions are welcome.

C’mon! C’mon! Now tell me about your plans and schedules. Do you have a blogging schedule? Or are you planning to get one?


Asha Seth