How Evion helped save a marriage!

The first time I met my would-be husband, he felt quite ordinary; expect for the balding patch outlining the sides of his head. The sight started nagging me right from the word ‘go’. As the custom is, we asked each other our dreams, future plans, well, you know the rule…

For all but a harrowing half hour, I tried not to focus on the bald patches that kept snickering at me like a mischievous child up to some prank. Although, he was just a year older than me, it certainly didn’t seem so with the prominent greys and the balding scalp. Now, no offence meant, but for me, these are clear turnoffs and I didn’t quite expect these in a man I am looking for a life-partner. Come on, who would like to wake up next to a balding man every morning? Yeah, call me filmy!!

So, the first thing I asked my husband was,

“Are you really 28?”

He replied,

“Actually, I am 38. Why? You didn’t know that?”

The deadpan look on my face made him give up the prank immediately. He said,

“Hey, I am not 38, and I am not lying.”

It made me smile and that dissipated some of the tension between us. I took up on the prank saying,

“Good, because with your balding scalp and greying hair, old man, there’s little chance for this to go anywhere.”

After a moment of serious consideration, he said,

“Well, if that concerns you so much, let me tell you I have been undergoing a treatment.”

Given that he loved pulling my legs, I had little reason to believe him. I asked.

“And what exactly is this treatment?”

He said,

“#Evion Supplements for hair treatment.”

Now I had never heard of it before then but a quick search on the phone gave me all the assurance I was looking for.

What #Evion does for your hair:

It helps treat hair problems caused due to lack of vitamin E such as:

  • Premature Hair Greying
  • Hair loss
  • Dryness and Itching

Who can use:

People suffering from hair loss and greying are advised #Evion Supplements because it is quick to work on the problem area.

Note: It is also advisable to include sources rich in Vitamin E such as almonds, spinach, sweet potatoes, etc. in your diet and to not only rely on the capsules.

Where to find:

Evion capsules come in green-coloured blister packs that are readily available at the chemist shops and are safe to use in moderate hair loss and greying conditions. Plus, they are quite pocket-friendly.

Note: If you are facing excessive loss or greying, it is better to consult a trichologist.

How to use:

Pierce and empty Evion capsules (2-3) in a small quantity of hair oil (any hair oil that you use) and apply gently rubbing it onto the scalp, then move down towards the tip across the length of your hair. Massage after application. Works best on washed and clean scalp.

Note: Some people use it as serum, but that is not a recommended way of using it since hair loss or greying, stems from a weak or damaged scalp, and hence, needs thorough application on the scalp.


This post was written for the Indiblogger campaign ‘My Vitamin E Mantra‘. 

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Asha Seth