Reading Ruskin Bond’s Book of Verse

I am currently, reading Ruskin Bond’s ‘Ruskin Bond’s Book of Verse’ in which Bond shares his love for poetry through simple yet captivating verses centred around love, childhood, nature, travel, etc.

Here’s one that I would never want you to miss.

The Love of Two Stars  

Two stars fell in love. Between them came sky
And ten moons and two suns riding high,
Before them the nebulous star-crusted Way,
The silence of Night, the silver of Day.
A million years passed, the lovers still glowed
With the brilliance and fire and passion of old;
But one star grew restless and set off at night
With a wonderful shower of hot white light.
He sped to his love, with his hopes and his fears,
But missed her, alas, by a thousand light-years.


Beautiful, isn’t it?

Have you read any of Bond’s poetry? Which did you like most? Do share them below.


Asha Seth